The City of Sufis; Multan, Is a Place Every Person in This World Need to Visit


The city of Multan is located in the South-East direction of Pakistan’s Punjab province. Multan has an estimated area of about one hundred and thirty three square kilometers and the city is also the sixth most populous metropolitan city of Pakistan. Located right on the west end of Multan is the Chenab River, one of the five sub-rivers that join to make the Indus River.

Over the past decades, Multan has earned the title of Madinat-ul-Auliyah, which translated to the City of Sufis of the City of Saints. Multan earned this specific title because of the huge number of tombs and shrines of famous Sufis located around the city. Multan is also the birthplace of the first and probably the most famous Punjabi poet; Fariduddin Ganjshakar, more commonly known as “Baba Farid”.

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In history, the first record of ancient Quetta is almost six thousand years old, which easily makes this city on the old cities in the whole world. And by being a center of the country’s politics and economy and being home to country’s major dry port and transport links, Quetta has truly earned quite a pivotal role.

The history


Multan is not just one of the oldest cities in the sub-continent but it is also known as one of the oldest cities in the whole world. Multan used to serve as the trade link between South and Central Asia and for years the city was under Hindu leader until around 700AD when Muhammad bin Qasim captured the city. This is also when Islam spread all across the city.

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